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Bartavelle works hand in hand with a monastic distillery located in the South of France. 

It benefits from the age-old know-how of monks who have created and passed on various original recipes made from the region’s fruits and plants.

This heritage dates back to the XIIth century and Bartavelle has modernised it to reveal the richness of the region’s fruits to a new generation and to the world of mixology.


Bartavelle pamplemousse

If there is a fruit famous from South of France, STRAWBERRY is may be the most gourmet from the region. This terroir is allowing us to harvest awesome STRAWBERRIES and really fragrant. RHUBARB gives a gentle kick to the sweetness of the STRAWBERRY from Provence. A slightly tangy, totally indulgent gin.

Being part of many citrus from the South of France, GRAPEFRUIT blossom really well next to on the Mediterranean cost. The delicate bitterness of ROSEMARY exalts the freshness of the PINK GRAPEFRUIT.

A delicious, zesty & intense gin.

Real fruits,
real people, real passion

Unique shapes and curves
for this unique collection!

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